Heavy Equipment Training For Illinois

If you had the chance to get the best heavy equipment training from the best heavy equipment school for Illinois, would you do it? This isn't a pipe dream. It is within the realm of possibilities.

In other words, you can start a new career or make the career change that you've always dreamed of. You can become a member of one of the most respected professions in the world, namely, the heavy equipment operator profession. You can do this sooner than you think. In fact, you can start right now.

A career in heavy equipment is recession-proof. It is also one of the highest paid professions. And heavy equipment operators who have a certificate of completion from a qualified and accredited heavy equipment school get the best opportunities. Here's what you can expect from ATS Heavy Equipment School for Illinois operators:

  • training in the use of front end loaders, wheel loaders, and skid steer loaders
  • scraper and grader training of the highest order
  • world-class backhoe training
  • you'll learn the safest way to operate a bulldozer on the job site
  • excavator training
  • training to drive a dump truck
  • use of boom cranes and lattice cranes
  • all-terrain forklift training
  • commercial drivers license (CDL) training
  • and a lot more

If you are ready to embark upon your new career as a fully trained heavy equipment operator, then sign on now:

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Employed Illinois Graduates

Graduate Located Employer Located
Anthony F. Atlanta, IL Stark Excavating, Inc. Bloomington, IL
Charles M. Washburn, IL Custom Underground Hanna City, IL
Joshua R. Loves Park, IL Rockford Blacktop Loves Park, IL
Kenneth G. Rockford, IL Rogers Redimix Rockford, IL
Jacob L. Dunlap, IL Caterpillar Proving Peoria, IL
Jason H. Freeport, IL Fischer Excavating Freeport, IL
Jeremy M. Davis Junction, IL Plote Inc/Rohlwing Hoffman, IL
Israel P. Springfield, IL Hutchins Excavating Mount Auburn, IL
Jimmie R. Loves Park, IL Stenstrom Companies Rockford, IL
Pablo G. Carpentersville, IL Arrow Rd Construction Mount, IL
Richard G. Morrison, IL Cattani Crane Ladd, IL
Adam M. Lanark, IL Martin and Company Oregon, IL
Garret H. Gillespie, IL Curry Ice and Coal Carlinville, IL
Mark E. Mount Zion, IL Blackshore Snow Peoria, IL
Drew M. Glendale Heights, IL K-Five Construction Lemont, IL
Scott M. Maroa, IL McClure Quarries Colchester, IL
Justin H. Normal, IL Rowe Construction Bloomington, IL
Joseph F. Odin, IL Petco Petroleum Corp. Saint Elmo, IL
Jason F. Creston, IL Davidson Grain Creston, IL
Thomas H. Hodgkins, IL Vulcan Materials McCook, IL
Joe F. Sycamore, IL Wagner Excavating Dekalb, IL
Matthew M. Washburn, IL Westside Aggregates West Peoria, IL
Justin B. Springfield, IL Kelly Construction Decatur, IL
Tyler U. Chicago, IL Rite-Huggins Chicago, IL
Robert H. Walnut, IL Dietz Drainage Walnut, IL
Emmanuel C. Gillespie, IL Exxon Mobil Corp Carlinville, IL
Quin K. Roscoe, IL Turner Construction Chicago, IL
Brent S. Whiting, IL Walsh Builders Chicago, IL
Larry T. Lake City, MN BNSF Railway Co East Dubuque, IL

Learn Safety At ATS Heavy Equipment School

Illinois employers want safe heavy equipment operators. That's why ATS heavy equipment schools provides plenty of safety training for Illinois residents. You'll learn all about Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) rules and regulations as well as:

  • working around hazardous debris falls and hazardous materials
  • operating heavy equipment around stairs and ladders
  • challenges with scaffolding
  • electrical precautions
  • working around trenches
  • and more

You'll also learn all about these important job site considerations, skills that will help you land your first heavy equipment job in Illinois and help you move up the career ladder:

  • successful grade reading
  • how to work with laser level
  • identifying soil
  • heavy equipment layout
  • heavy equipment maintenance
  • and tons more

Ready? Start your heavy equipment training today!

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Improve Your Employability With CDL Training

The more you know, the more employable you are, and the more valuable you'll be to your employers. As a CDL truck driver, you'll make more money and have more opportunities to stay employed.

ATS Heavy Equipment School programs for Illinois residents offers the following CDL training benefits:

  • respect
  • career progression opportunities
  • higher pay
  • better benefits
  • access to the best heavy equipment jobs

Don't delay. Start today! Enroll in the ATS Heavy Equipment School and be a certified operator in Illinois:

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