Welcome Agency Counselors

Agencies Are Welcomed at ATS Heavy Equipment School

This web page is designed for all agencies and agency counselors. The information is specifically directed toward agencies such as government employment offices, departments of workforce development, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), dislocated worker re-training programs, Trade Readjustment Act (TAA), vocational rehabilitation, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), state Departments of Veterans Affairs, Federal Veterans Administration, and other agencies who help people find employment.

Associated Training Services (ATS) gives special attention to:

  • Labor market information
  • Wages and earning potential
  • Employment outlooks for certain industries
  • Occupational details such as job description, working conditions, etc.

Associated Training Services (ATS) also provides you many details about our training organization such as our history, training programs, career service assistance, status as an Eligible Training Provider, and our long-standing relationships with agencies such as yours. Please contact us at any time at (800) 383-7364.