Financial Assistance For Training

Heavy Equipment Training Programs

Invest your money into your education as a heavy equipment operator, crane operator or CDL Class-A commercial truck driver. It will be your best investment ever.

Financing Options

ATS offers several tuition finance options. They are designed to make it easy and affordable to enroll in any of our training programs. You can apply for financing for FREE by filling out our free online application. There are no obligations or contracts by filling our application out. So what are you waiting for apply today!

Career Loans

Career loans can be used to pay for tuition, , and other living expenses. You can apply for career loans by filling out our free online application.

How To Apply For ATS Financing

Students can submit an application for financial assistance through the mail, by fax, or online. Please allow up to 48 hours for processing. You should supply a copy of your driver's license with your financial aid application.

State & Federal Grants

Many of our students may qualify for state or federal grants to help them cover training costs. Students receiving unemployment benefits may be eligible to receive these benefits while in training. Examples of these are:

  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • Department of Workforce Development
  • Trade Adjustment Act (TAA)
  • Displaced Workers
  • Displaced Farmers
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Tribal Education (BIA)
  • Veteran's Benefits (VA

Veterans & Military Benefits

Veterans may qualify for one of these educational benefit programs:

  • Post-911 GI Bill - If you entered the service after September 11, 2001 and you qualify, you can receive up to $19,198 per year for tuition assistance. In addition to the tuition assistance, you can receive monthly living expense payments while you are in school.
  • Montgomery GI Bill - This GI Bill was a program offered to pre-911 service members. If you qualify, you may collect monthly payments based on your family size.

Housing Vouchers For Veterans

Associated Training Services offers all eligible veterans a Housing Voucher which can be redeemed at the Watertower Inn (School’s housing facility) for the full cost of housing in a double occupancy room for the complete length of the students training period. To qualify, the veteran must have been honorably discharged from the military and submit their Form DD214 to the School Registrar.  This voucher has a value of between $360 and $2,040 depending on the length of the student’s training ($120 per week times the number of weeks of training).  This voucher can only be used for  the School’s housing facility stay and cannot be redeemed for cash.